A gorgeous experience in Afghani Restaurant



I was looking recently to try out a new restaurants here in New York city .I was bored to death since I almost  didn’t try any good restaurants recently .So , I was so excited to try some Mantoo .

Since my great great grandfather was from Bukhariset , so I know many of Afghani’s recipes and I have tasted differ of them .

The restaurant is located over Manhattan 26th street with third Avenue , small and cheap but  a good one .

I tried their Mantoo (some places called it Manty) which is a dumpling with meet and yogurt .The recipe was slightly different to what I usually know which was  without  yogurt . They have a good Salad also.

I have tried their rice as well  , the red rice with shredded carrot and chicken . I was so confused since we called this rice by the name Bukhari Rice not Kaboul rice .So , I look at the menu very carefully trying to figure out which one is what I want .

Do you know any good and cheap restaurant ? let me know about it .