When I couldn’t find a cab in Fair fax , An Angel Solve the Problem


The street in front of my hotel in the early morning ,Fairfax ,VA 

Image Was a horrible time

A weird miserable feeling that drove me to ask him directly : where can I find a cab or a taxi ?

He said barely : mmm,  I think you can’t find a cab in this area , but I will just call them for you .

I breathed barely , I was about to cry .

Before two days ago I went Fairfax,Virgina , the Saudi Cultural mission  

Since I moved to America , I’ve never visited any city  out of New York . I spent two years in New York enjoying my time  .Then , before two days ago ,I was supposed to go to SACM-Saudi Cultural Mission – so finally I booked for a hotel , got my ticket for a bus and printed out a map .

 I’ve spent just a half hour in Washington DC then I got to my place ,SACM.

I saw the building in that weird area , no one walks over the street .Everyone has her or his own car . It was a long ride to get there , but I’ve tried to enjoy my trip .Obviously  , I spent the  day at SACM till 5 P.M  .After that , I was stand-up over the street waiting a cab ! A silence was surrounded that area .

The building was really faraway , I hate it . No taxis goes around that area  , and my cell phone’s battery was died already . I waited for an hour then I noticed an American guy who was passing the street , moving to his own car . I got to him directly to ask him about getting a taxi .Finally , he told us –I and my brother – if we mind to take us over the hotel that I booked .I show him the address and he told me it is about 20 minutes by the car .We went by his car to the hotel , he told us that it is not easy to find a cap over this area. That man was over kind to us , I asked him to take 40 pocket by he said : no , I just treat you as if my sister or brother needs a car .