A gorgeous experience in Afghani Restaurant



I was looking recently to try out a new restaurants here in New York city .I was bored to death since I almost  didn’t try any good restaurants recently .So , I was so excited to try some Mantoo .

Since my great great grandfather was from Bukhariset , so I know many of Afghani’s recipes and I have tasted differ of them .

The restaurant is located over Manhattan 26th street with third Avenue , small and cheap but  a good one .

I tried their Mantoo (some places called it Manty) which is a dumpling with meet and yogurt .The recipe was slightly different to what I usually know which was  without  yogurt . They have a good Salad also.

I have tried their rice as well  , the red rice with shredded carrot and chicken . I was so confused since we called this rice by the name Bukhari Rice not Kaboul rice .So , I look at the menu very carefully trying to figure out which one is what I want .

Do you know any good and cheap restaurant ? let me know about it .



When I couldn’t find a cab in Fair fax , An Angel Solve the Problem


The street in front of my hotel in the early morning ,Fairfax ,VA 

Image Was a horrible time

A weird miserable feeling that drove me to ask him directly : where can I find a cab or a taxi ?

He said barely : mmm,  I think you can’t find a cab in this area , but I will just call them for you .

I breathed barely , I was about to cry .

Before two days ago I went Fairfax,Virgina , the Saudi Cultural mission  

Since I moved to America , I’ve never visited any city  out of New York . I spent two years in New York enjoying my time  .Then , before two days ago ,I was supposed to go to SACM-Saudi Cultural Mission – so finally I booked for a hotel , got my ticket for a bus and printed out a map .

 I’ve spent just a half hour in Washington DC then I got to my place ,SACM.

I saw the building in that weird area , no one walks over the street .Everyone has her or his own car . It was a long ride to get there , but I’ve tried to enjoy my trip .Obviously  , I spent the  day at SACM till 5 P.M  .After that , I was stand-up over the street waiting a cab ! A silence was surrounded that area .

The building was really faraway , I hate it . No taxis goes around that area  , and my cell phone’s battery was died already . I waited for an hour then I noticed an American guy who was passing the street , moving to his own car . I got to him directly to ask him about getting a taxi .Finally , he told us –I and my brother – if we mind to take us over the hotel that I booked .I show him the address and he told me it is about 20 minutes by the car .We went by his car to the hotel , he told us that it is not easy to find a cap over this area. That man was over kind to us , I asked him to take 40 pocket by he said : no , I just treat you as if my sister or brother needs a car .  



Three places must try to eat gorgeous dessert in Brooklyn


Chocolate cupcake , cheesecake and pudding are  a few examples of differ desserts that many places offer them here in Brooklyn . I know that NewYorker can’t resist eating desserts whereas they are American desserts or French desserts . However , I’ve been walking around the last few months to find out good places to eat authentic American desserts here in Brooklyn , and I’ve really love  them!



        In 1950, restaurant Founder Harry Rosen and Master Baker Eigel Peterson, created and produced what is now known as the World’s Most Fabulous Cheesecake. The recipe has been part of the Rosen family for three generations.

A very famous place for cheesecake . It offers a variety kinds of cheesecake such as Red velvet cheesecake ,strawberry cheesecake and the New York-style cheesecake .  The place is located nearby DeKalb avenue in front of Long Island University .Beside that ,You can try out their French toast which is very fascinating .I’d love also their breakfast which seems to Dinner styles .


For more information look at the website : http://www.juniorscheesecake.com/


Little Cup cake :

This store is about that kind of authentic stores that make you feel happy .I’ve loved their banana pudding .In addition , they have differ types of cupcake such as Oreo cup cake .You may also try Brooklyn style of chocolate cake . The place has the American simple style where it is located nearby 92sstreet in Bay Ridge ,Brooklyn .


Omonia café : 

The place is kind of a restaurant more than usual café . I’d love their Ice cream and their differ types of cakes .However , you can just try new things from their huge choices .

 You can reach the place on the third avenue nearby 78 street  .The stop is 77 street by R  train .







A Saudi Woman Tells What is the Difference Between Abayah and Hijab


By Fadia Bukhar

     When can you put your scarf off ?


A gorgeous American woman was asking me  When I arrived by R train in Brooklyn where many Saudis live  . Simply, I told her that I can put  my scarf  off now if I want . I said “It is a choice and I’ll be a Muslim even though I did that” .She told me that she never asked her Muslim’s students about their scarfs although she was  wondering all the time about the idea of Hijab  .Since I moved to New York city , it has been thousands of times that people asked me a variety of questions about Hijab .Moreover , it is so odd for them the idea of Abayah – a Saudi women’s custom- and what is the different between them .Although it seems funny that I’m writing about this , I believe it is a significant thing to clarify the difference between Abayah and Hijab .

I was thinking to make it simple as much as I can for  a friend of mine who asked me questions about Hijab and the black long dress . What is the Abayah ?  I told her that Abayh is a traditional Saudi’s custom for women in Saudi Arabia . She nodded while she was telling me that she saw a girl with a long black dress. Then , I told her that it is so strange  to many people that many Saudis women like to wear Abayah .Because I worked as a fashion editor for more than two years  , I know that many  Saudis women spend around 400$ for Abayah every six months  .Simply , Abayah is a one type of divers outfits can be a good thing to wear as  Hijab.

However  , Hijab is more common for Muslims around the world .Hijab is a scarf with  long cover outfits that covers all the body  . I was saying to an American friend that Hijab is so cool since you wear adorable  various scarfs all the time in contrast with a black scarf .

It doesn’t matter what are women wearing because they can provide the world by the great innovations as well researches  .For instance , the Saudi scientist Dr.Hayat Sindi ,who received numerous awards for scientific discoveries and academic excellence , is a profound example that shows Hijab is not a barrier to be a great person  .She got her MBA from Harvard and  she finished her PHD  from Cambridge university . Nowadays , the way how we look  is not important as much as the way how we think, communicate with other people and the way how we provide our world with creative solutions.


Do men Fall in Love Easier than Women ?


By Fadia Bukhari          


         Do men fall in love faster than women ? This question is one of the most controversial  questions in recent years because of the significance of love for human beings  . Scientific researchers have created hypothesis to figure out if men fall in love before women or  they do  not .” For years , there has been a perception that women are faster to say, “I love you “, than men . It turns out that it is men who fall in love  more easily” (Mail Online) .

                Men fall in love more easily than women because they use visual information to choose their partners .Also, women are more circumspect  than men when it comes to romance and men are less interested in having time to themselves .

Men fall in love at first sight faster than women in terms of visual information . Because of this , they fall in love when they are attracted physically by someone . That means men fall in love at first sight due to the appearance or how the women look apparently. According to a new study ,the researchers from Match.com find that” men apparently fall in love  more than women .For instance ,54% of men say they have felt love at first sight “(Marie Claire). Men are more likely to feel interested in women due to their  beautiful faces ,gorgeous bodies and the way of their smiles . As a result of this , men fall in love at first sight more than women do which makes them  to declare their affection to women . Helen Fisher, Ph.D., professor at Rutgers University, and author of Why We Love said that ” men are more likely to fall in love based on looks and first impressions”( Men’s Health News). Women’s look can make men fall in love easily .

                      Another key point  that causes men to fall in love is  women are more circumspect  than men when it comes to romance .Women need more time to realize their affections .According to the latest finding by Marissa Harrsion from Pennsylvania State University, “women are more circumspect than men when it comes to love. They were  asked how far into a relationship they got before they openly declared their emotions. The results showed men were more likely to fall in love within a few weeks, while most women said it took several month”( Mail Online). Women are cautious about showing their feelings because they may be rejected by others  . “The idea suggests women should fall in love more  easily than men because they want to see real commitment before bearing children” (USA Today). In addition , men are faster to show up their romantic side. Besides this fact ,men  are more likely to take the risk of saying “I love you “.”Researchers  in the US found three times as many men as women were the first to utter the words ,”I love you”, in a relationship “(Mail Online). For many years , there has been a perception that men are cautious when it comes to romance , but many researchers find out that men are  more romantic than women which leads them to fall in love . “Don’t believe that men fear intimacy .Men are cautious about displaying their vulnerability ,but we are not cowards ” (Gerstman).Many people believe that men fear falling in love ,but studies reveal men don’t fear falling in love.

                  Men are faster to declare their affections more than women. They are the first to utter  the words, “I love you”, in relationships .Men fall in love due to visual information which means they need to like the women’s look .In addition , because women feel fear to fall in love , men fall in love faster than women . Women need to see real commitment before they show their affection .Also , men fall in love because they need women in their lives to be happy and to be cheerful. It is significant to know which gender falls in love first to understand the process of falling in love .Understanding the process of falling in love can lead women and men to success in  relationships .


What do  you think? Do men really fall in love easier ?